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Covid-19 Booster Shots

Covid Booster Shot Jersey City

Get your booster shot in Jersey City straightaway at Medina pharmacy. We are open 24/7 in order to provide you and your family a completely protected environment for vaccination without any hassle. Our all health care services are up to the mark according to the US CDC norms and policies. All the CDC approved COVID vaccinations that includes Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine are available at our pharmacy. So if you are in the Jersey City and opt to get your vaccination done or want a booster shot in Jersey City we have all the information and services for you and your family.

As per eligibility criteria in New Jersey for COVID-19 vaccine almost everyone at the age of five year or more is encouraged to get the shot. However, all the adults of age 18 and plus are eligible for a double dose of Pfizer or a double dose of Madonna or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Furthermore, the children of age 5 to 11 are eligible to get the double dose of Pfizer pediatric vaccine. Moreover, booster Shot in Jersey City – the people of age 16 and plus are eligible to get a booster shot if they previously get one dose of Johnson and Johnson vaccine or instead their vaccination passed at least six months completing the double dose of Pfizer/moderna –an additional booster shot would be recommended.

People with the moderate or weak immune system or above 50 would be recommended to get a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. Vaccine and booster shot is available to all the New Jersey members despite of being an immigrant or whatever your insurance status is.


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